Sky-Loc Accessories

What to put your Sky-Loc into? For precision applications, many times you’ll need a receiver built to the same rigorous standards as our pins. Big Sky offers a wide array of close-tolerance receivers with many mounting options. As always, we’ll make a special one for you if our standards don’t quite match your needs.

Big Sky also pioneered quick-release “receiver caps.” Field testing has shown that the most insidious problem with ball-type locking pins in outdoor applications is dust. That’s why we developed end caps with o-ring seals to keep your pin working in the harshest environments.

Add a lanyard with stainless or aluminum tabs and your Sky-Loc won’t walk!

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Made in the USA
Button Handle Quick Release Pin
Domed Button Handle Quick Release Pin
T-Handle Quick Release Pin
L-Handle Quick Release Pin
Ring-Handle Quick Release Pin
Specialty Pins (Recessed Button, Adjustable Grip, Double Acting, and Detent Pins)
Phender Pro Quick Release Cleat Pin
Wheelchair Axles Quick Release Pin
Quick Release Accessories
Specialty Manufacturing Custom Release Pins