Big Sky Design and Machining

Big Sky wasn’t always in the quick-release business. Our founder, Paul Chausse’, started his career as a mechanical engineer in the electro-optics field. Thus, close tolerances, innovative designs and precision fits are core values at Big Sky.

Although our quick-release product line will always remain the heart of our mission, we are well-equipped both with the equipment and personnel to design, prototype and produce your vision - quick release or not.

Our favorite example of specialty design and engineering are the watches we machine for the Montana Watch and Rocky Mountain Watch companies. So, challenge us! Send us that special design from hard-to-make materials. If we can’t help you, chances are we know someone who can!

Link to Rocky Mountain Watch Link to Montana Watch View Sample Design and Machining

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Made in the USA
Button Handle Quick Release Pin
Domed Button Handle Quick Release Pin
T-Handle Quick Release Pin
L-Handle Quick Release Pin
Ring-Handle Quick Release Pin
Specialty Pins (Recessed Button, Adjustable Grip, Double Acting, and Detent Pins)
Phender Pro Quick Release Cleat Pin
Wheelchair Axles Quick Release Pin
Quick Release Accessories
Specialty Manufacturing Custom Release Pins