Sky-Loc Positive Locking vs. Detent Pins

What’s the Big Difference?

Positive locking pins are push-button devices that incorporate a solid stainless-steel spindle with a necked-down waist area. In its at-rest position, the major diameter of the spindle secures the balls in their extended position. When the push-button is activated, the spindle's waist area moves under the balls, allowing them to retract inside of the shank. This causes the pins to be very strong in tension. For example, a 1/2" 17-4, 2-ball pin is rated at 1,160 pounds of pull-out strength!

Detent pins incorporate a very different mechanism. A cross-hole is drilled part way through the pin and then a spring and ball are pressed down in. The hole is swaged (MBR not possible,) and the resulting pin can now be moved simply by pulling on it; often just a few pounds of force will pull the pin free. The advantage of detent pins is their low cost for non-critical applications. If safety is a concern, you’d best stick with positive locking.

Demonstration of how positive locking works

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