Big Sky Sky-Loc Technology

MBR - Machined Ball Retention

Big Sky Precision's Sky-Loc with Machined Ball Retention (MBR) was awarded a patent with twenty-nine claims in May of 2002.

Traditional methods of ball retention swage the edges of the ball hole. In essence, an operator would pound the metal at the sides of a drilled hole, sometimes by hand with a hammer. For pins 3/8” dia and up, Big Sky's MBR process revolutionized production and quality by utilizing precision computerized machines and our own proprietary, custom tooling.


Machined Handles

All Sky-Loc handles are machined from billet.
You will never find a cast handle on a Sky-Loc. Why? Read More >

Custom End Options

Need to keep FOD
out of your pin?
Want to protect
your receiver?
Read More >


Big Sky is experienced
in a wide variety of materials ranging
from common to
exotic. Read More >

Positive Locking
vs. Detent

Each has its place,
but what’s really
the difference?
Read More >

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